Dubrovnik Museum Cats

Dubrovnik’s Museum Cats

Dubrovnik’s Fluffy Tourist-Friendly Keepers

Dubrovnik’s museum cats roam around freely, take long afternoon naps in front of the Serbian Orthodox church, and maintain law & order concerning the local mice population. In theory, the cats are a clawed army with one goal: to catch and kill mice who might want to chew on the artworks. In practice, they are fat and lazy. These fluffy and tourist-friendly predators find cozy shaded places in the old quarter of their cat sanctuary and doze off.

Dubrovnik’s Chief Mouser

Dubrovnik’s old town cats are neutered and spayed. They are the city’s keepers and the citizens of Dubrovnik take great care of them. Those who want to help financially can donate to the NGO SOS 4 Dubrovnik Cats based in the UK and Ireland which truly helps cats that need medical attention.

As mentioned before Dubrovnik cats are nice, fuffy, and fat. The locals always say they get to dine out in the best restaurants. On those occasions, people grab some leftovers after dinner and treat them. Their morning diet is a very healthy Mediterranean fish. A catch of the day! Cats enjoy their breakfast early in the morning when the local fishermen moor their boats near the pier in the old harbor. Their evening dinner is a little less healthy but equally rewarding when they have treats from numerous local pizzerias. No wonder they piled up a few pounds!

Dubrovnik Museum Cats

Dubrovnik’s fluffy keepers

It is not out of the ordinary to meet these beautiful felines in other European museums, churches, or even governmental institutions. The famous cats in the Hermitage museum St.Petersburg are indispensable for their rat-catching prowess. Gli was a Turkish Shorthair cat from Istanbul who is best known for living in the Haghia Sophia. Larry is a known celebrity in Downing Street 10, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office seems to have ruined a dozen sofas. The UK’s Prime minister’s pet seems to be a furry menace.

While thumbing through a stack of medieval manuscripts from Dubrovnik, Croatia, a Ph.D. student Emir Filipović stumbled upon a familiar set of splotches marring the pages of a 15th-century manuscript. We can envision the writer shooing the cat in a panicky way while trying to remove it from his desk. 

Dubrovnik has a Chief Mouser to the Historical Museum!

Keep your eye out for a pair of cats prowling the sturdy columns of Rector’s Palace. Anastasia, a beautiful calico cat is always willing to pose for photos or accept a good cat scratch from visitors. And the human staff in Rector’s Palace are more than happy to share their space with feline workers. Appreciate the cat’s life in Dubrovnik adopt their philosophy and take it easy! Dine well, sunbathe and take a few naps. Join us on our Hidden Gems Tour where will surely get to meet not-so-hidden fat and furry Dubrovnik’s keepers.



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