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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – 4 Activities to Enjoy While Staying in the City


Life is too short to live in a bubble. Step out of your comfort zone. Let’s say, for the sake of the story, you woke up this morning with the idea that you have to try zip lining. You have to try zipline in Dubrovnik. Good news! We have a perfect location to recommend. It is quite a cinematic sun-filled backdrop. We all must agree that ziplining is a unique way to experience the countless islands, especially the pearl of the Adriatic- Dubrovnik itself. 

Unique perspectives of Dubrovnik – in search of an adventure

The beauties of Dubrovnik are not limited to what lies on land. If in search of an adventure to remember for the rest of your life, try scuba-diving! If you have not done it before but would love to try it, we highly recommend it. We think that scuba diving is the master key to unlocking the world.

Scuba diving is a thrilling activity to do when you travel because the waters differ just as the countries. Each one offers just a little insight into how big is the world we live in. We have all seen the stunning postcard-perfect Adriatic Coast. No wonder Croatia sits comfortably on the list of the top diving spots. With an abundance of islands and a coastline that stretches for miles, Dubrovnik is adorned with colorful reefs and mystical caverns, not to mention pillars and canyons that make diving exciting and entirely surprising. For wreck diving enthusiasts, there are the Taranto wrecks and Lokrum island with an in-land lake that connects with the sea and is rich in underwater caves, offering a perfect environment for all avid scuba divers.

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Pile bay – starting point for the kayaking tours

We recommend taking a one-way cable car ride to Mount Srđ if you are all good for some old-fashioned hiking. Once we reach the upper plateau, we will hike down the old caravan trail. The A- Team’s Active tour is not too demanding on an average person, and you get to admire a remarkable view for at least 50 minutes. We get to see a lot of medicinal herbs on our way down. You will learn a lot from the guide about medieval poisons and remedies that were in use until the 19th century. 

The Croatian writer Predrag Matvejević wrote: The Atlantic and the Pacific are seas of distance, the Mediterranean a sea of propinquity, the Adriatic – a sea of intimacy. – Mediterranean: a cultural landscape.

Dubrovnik is always spectacular, but even more so at sunset. With the simmering sea and the stars appearing, the town comes alive with the colors of sunset. One of top water adventures are Dubrovnik kayaking tours. You will find many beaches (sandy, rocky, and pebbly) and geological diversity in such a relatively small area. From western forested areas to rugged eastern cliffs, from the sandy beaches of Lopud island to the more intimate southern bays – we have it all!



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